Getting my $hit together

Life is hard and it often comes from you at all angles at the same time leaving you struggling just to keep up.  When this happens we tent to let things go and push off things that are not of immediate importance.  In my life the thing I put off is me.  My kids and job always come first taking up the majority of my time and energy.  What I have left after that goes to my husband often leaving nothing left for me.

This year it’s going to change.  Where most people make new years resolutions, I set goals every October (around my birthday).  On the zeros and fives I set longer, 5 year goals and on the single years shorter goals.  With my birthday coming up (it a 5 year goal one) I have been evaluating my life and trying to figure out what I want to change or accomplish.  I think my 5 year plan is going to be about me.  I’m going to accomplish the following:

Loose the baby weight and get back in shape

Get back to my daily yoga practice

Travel somewhere new once a year (this was my goal many years ago. I kept it up for a couple decades and it kinda fell apart when I had kids)

Continue working on my website and photography business.

Finish and publish my book

-and- actually meet my goal of posting a blog post once a week (it’s a new goal year coming up and I have improved every year.)

Doable? Absolutely!



Author: WorkingMomTravelDreams

I'm married, work full time and have 2 small boys. My oldest is special needs with multiple health issues and Classic non verbal Autism. My youngest is a total mamma’s boy. I'm just a mom who is trying to find herself while keeping up with the pressures of working full time while raising a family.

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